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Watch Daniah Greenberg on Jewish Voice TV with Rabbi Jonathan Bernis This Week

Affectionately known as the Biblelady, Daniah Greenberg joins Jonathan Bernis this week on Jewish Voice to share more GOOD NEWS about Yeshua’s salvation and redemption through the Word of God! Daniah reveals ancient secrets you might not know about the Biblical scrolls and Jonathan shares about the fruit of a thirty-year friendship together: The Jewish Voice Bible.

Thirty years ago Daniah’s conservative Jewish husband, Mark Greenberg, walked into Rabbi Jonathan Bernis’ office at Shema Yisrael and he left completely transformed.

Jonathan opened up his Bible to Isaiah 53 and shared the Gospel of Yeshua with him. Mark opened up his heart to the God of Israel and proclaimed Yeshua as Israel’s promised Messiah and Savior of the world. A life forever changed.

With on-going discipleship with Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, Mark and Daniah Greenberg grew tremendously in their faith journey with Yeshua. Mark became a Messianic Rabbi and Daniah created Golden Apples, a popular Bible-based curriculum for Messianic Jewish children. They’ve been preaching and teaching the Gospel together for thirty years.

In 2008, they founded the Tree of Life Bible Society, creators of the brand-new Tree of Life Version (TLV) of the Holy Scriptures.

This week, Daniah Greenberg (CEO of the TLV Bible Society) joins Rabbi Jonathan Bernis on TV to talk about the fruit of a thirty-year friendship together: The Jewish Voice Bible.

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Jewish Voice exists to transform lives and see all Israel saved.

Their mission is to:

  1. Proclaim the Gospel to the Jew First

  2. Grow the Messianic Jewish community

  3. Engage the Church concerning Israel and the Jewish people

JVMI carries out this mission as a many-faceted ministry that includes humanitarian medical outreaches, large-scale international festivals, congregation planting and leadership training, television, print media, digital channels, and speaking engagements.

The Tree of Life Bible Society

The TLV Bible Society produces unique Bible engagement tools and resources for all ages, across multiple modalities, methods, and platforms, with the goals of education, discipleship, and evangelism all while raising a new generation with the Tree of Life Version (TLV). It is because of this that we love creating content for viewers worldwide with Jewish Voice Ministries International.

May God’s Word spring forth! •

How many Jews does it take to hang a Mezuzah? The whole house of Israel, of course! Watch as Jonathan Bernis and the Greenbergs hang Mezuzot (Mezuzahs) in their new home.

Jonathan Bernis congratulates the TLV Bible Society on their 10th year anniversary

Jonathan Bernis speaks at the TLV Launch in Jerusalem

Jonathan Bernis endorses the Tree of Life Version (TLV)

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