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TLV Journey Bible App – Now in Beta!

The Tree of Life Bible Society is pleased to announce the beta test release of its new mobile application: the TLV Journey Bible App!

For the past year, the TLV Bible Society team have been hard at work, in partnership with the Digital Bible Society, developing a mobile app to help users live according to the Bible. This app is the culmination of the past decade of efforts to make the original language and culture of the Bible accessible to all peoples. At its core, the app will host the Tree of Life Version of the Holy Scriptures –  native to the application itself and available offline at any time. Additionally,  it will also include content that will enable each user to live the Bible for themselves. Our hope in building this app is to give people all the tools they might need to follow the commands of ADONAI and grow their families in alignment with His Word.  Currently available in the app are great tools such as the weekly Torah portions with audio readings, Evangelism training, lists of TLV events, the new Simply Sacred Radio program with Daniah Greenberg and more! Also, this app will feature a Biblical calendar with Jewish holidays, new moons, and even an area to add notes!

Additionally, the TLV Bible Society has partnered with Meuchad to provide a platform for Messianic Jewish worship artists to share their music for free! Each week, the TLV Journey App will feature three songs from the Meuchad songbook. Any artist approved and accepted by Meuchad can be featured! On top of that, the Tree of Life Bible Society has partnered with the Christian Heritage Foundation to provide images of actual Torah scrolls for any user to read! Each column of the scroll has been individually photographed at the highest resolution so that Hebrew scholars can read the scrolls for themselves at any time.

Currently in open beta testing with the first third of the content available, the TLV Journey App will be officially published in January 2019 – hopefully with a further array of features that will delight any Bible enthusiast! Here are the features that we are hoping to offer:

  1. A mobile Messianic prayerbook

  2. weekly livestreams of congregational services from all over the country

  3. weekly articles

  4. weekly devotionals

  5. weekly bible studies

  6. downloadable activity pages

  7. the TLV Biblical Art collection

  8. a library of scripture typographies

  9. Biblical discovery announcements

  10. and so much more

In order to get this app officially published by January 2019, we need to raise $31,500 for further development, design, and hosting. With your help we can get this app out to the entire world and make our Yeshua known!

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