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TLV Bible Society Partners with the Christian Heritage Foundation to Provide Ancient Scrolls on App

Received, recorded, and preserved by the Jewish people, God’s Word has been safeguarded for thousands of generations on ancient scrolls.

In partnership with the Christian Heritage Foundation, you can now view these Hebrew Scrolls for each book of the Torah, available on the TLV Bible App.

“Great app! Love the vocals and set up. Easy to use. It has everything needed to worship God.” BHS Hebrew Department

The Christian Heritage Foundation has a unique collection of forty Torah scrolls including the only complete set of the Tanakh (Old Testament) in the world. Most of the Torah scrolls are over 250 years old and were written in countries from all over the world such as Israel, Poland, Iraq, Morocco, and Russia. Each scroll written at different times in its own period of history, made its way to Jerusalem and from there was discovered and purchased by the Christian Heritage Foundation.

Each scroll has a look and a story of its own.

“The Christian Heritage Foundation has collected and preserved the scrolls of our people with such respect and reverence that it is a joy to partner together! The delicate nature of these scrolls can make it hard for them to be seen in person, but through the TLV Journey App, anyone can enjoy the centuries of craftsmanship and commitment needed to hand scribe each letter. We are so grateful to the Christian Heritage Foundation for taking the time to make these digital images available to our users.”  Daniah Greenberg, TLV Bible Society Founder and President

To download the TLV Bible App, click here. And don’t forget to subscribe!

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