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The TLV Family Altar Initiative Goes Global

The Bible is gathering Nations and building God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven! I can feel it in my bones. Hallelujah! Our God is on the move and nothing can stop Him! He reigns forever and ever, AMEN!

God is Redeeming Family Trees

Part of my excitement is because of our latest project: The Family Altar Initiative. It’s been a delight watching as the initiative begins to gain traction. In the last few days, 15 brand-new family altars have been built all over America. One by one, God’s light is shining brightly out in the darkness that has spread throughout our Nation. Our goal is to see 700 Family Altars built to restore God’s place in the heart of homes by Thanksgiving of this year. And while we are seeing tremendous response from people all over this country, we’re also getting incredible responses from Pastors, Mothers, and Fathers in other Nations. To know that this Initiative is striking a chord in not only the hearts of the local body of Messiah but also Messiah’s Global Community is exhilarating!

Just listen to some of the messages we’ve received in the last few days alone.

“I bring you greetings from the Lord’s Vineyard in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I have followed up on your email with respect to “The Family ALTAR INITIATIVE” and wish to thank God for you for such a revelatory INITIATIVE. … Let me assure you this INITIATIVE is not only for America but it’s a World vision and the fire of God’s righteousness in homes and heart will be rekindled through this family altar initiative. Thanks again for allowing yourself to be a vessel of honor in God’s Kingdom.” Pastor George in Sierra Leone
“Yes! family altar is a good idea of which we already have established here in our home(s) because we Torah believers and the mezuzah, we have them fixed on our door posts of each rooms of the house, yes I love to know more about Torah or even Jewish society. We are doing all we can to bring our children to know the culture of the bible, to bring them up in the traditions of the bible, that’s what we are doing here in homes in Uganda. Thank you again for all the effort, [ADONAI] bless you.” Peter in Uganda
“Thank for the opportunity to hear more and also including me to the wonderful family. We really need to raise a Godly family and it all starts with Thanksgiving!” Sothini

And there are many more like this from people all over the globe who are looking to re-establish the cornerstone of their families with God’s Word.

This initiative is not really about raising funds or spreading awareness about the TLV.

We want to see families restored. We want to see God’s Word hidden in the hearts of His Children. We want to see the Body of Messiah learn how to impart their faith to the next generation and even the ones after that!

Let’s start a Family Faith Revolution! We serve the God of the Patriarchs, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, of Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. But my great, great-grandchildren will be able to say that they follow the God of their foremothers: Erlinda, Mary, Daniah, and Amanda.

What will your family say 50, 75, or even 100 years from now? Who will they call on?

The Family Altar Initiative Goes Global

After hearing the desire of God’s people worldwide, it is with great honor that we get to announce that The Family Altar Initiative is now available GLOBALLY. Praise Jesus!

We believe that the TLV Family Bible will not only bring our Nation back to God – but that it will bring Nations back to God. Do you agree?

To learn more about building a Family Altar in your home and to join the TLV Family Altar Global Initiative, click here.

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