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The “Biblical Book Introductions” eSeries is now live in the TLV Email Center

A brand new eseries, “Biblical Book Introductions” written by our TLV Scholars, is now LIVE in the TLV Email Preference Center.

Why this eSeries is so important

Knowing information such as each book of the Bible’s author and audience is critical to understanding the Biblical narrative as a whole.

You’ll also learn valuable Bible secrets such as:

• Why there’s a different book order in Christian and Jewish Bibles • Which book of the Bible is the longest and shortest • How many years are in between the Old and New Testaments • Why and when were the Old Testament books categorized into three main sections instead of one large grouping • Where in the timeline did Chanukah happen • Which Gospel was written first • The mysterious author behind the book of Hebrews • How John, writing Revelation nearly a thousand years after Hosea’s prophecy, sees the end of the story, and more.

With this timeless series, you’ll begin your own journey to experiencing the powerful transformation of God’s Word.

*Over 60 free Scripture flashcard downloads included in this eseries!

This series in particular will be sent out every day at 6am EST for the next several weeks.

Please mark this time on your calendar to check your email so you don’t miss anything.

We encourage you to read each email fully, print it out and share it with your family and friends around the dinner table and at your local Bible study.

Don’t forget! To learn more about the Jewish order of the Old Testament books, watch an episode of “The Art of Knowing God” with Daniah Greenberg available on the TLV All-Access Bible App.

After you’ve completed the series, please visit our TLV Email Preference Center to sign up for another one.

May you be blessed by the reading of the Word.

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