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TBN Praise Report!

Last week, Daniah Greenberg had the honor of being an invited guest onto TBN Praise with Jonathan Cahn and Host, Pastor Robert Morris, of Gateway Church! She was able to share about some of the rich history of the Tree of Life Version and it’s place in history. To watch this wonderful program and hear all these insights for yourself , go to!

Daniah Greenberg

Daniah Greenberg

It was very exciting for Daniah to introduce the TLV to the TBN audience for the first time! She shared about the heart behind the TLV and its original desire to be a Bible for Messianic Jewish children. Looking back, it is amazing to see what God has done as the TLV has grown from a simple vision for a children’s bible into a full-blown translation for all ages with both Christian and Jewish backgrounds. Additionally, it was a delight to hear Pastor Robert Morris recount Gateway Church’s involvement with the TLV when Pastor Jack Hayford approached him requesting help to finish the Tree of Life Version.

The topic of conversation quickly shifted to how important it is to both understand the words of the Bible and recognize the fact that the restoration of the Bible in a Jewish context is crucial part of the Light fighting back the darkness of the world. To hear these powerful men of God confirm and affirm the miracle birthed through Daniah was such a blessing! Jonathan Cahn added that people are looking for as much of the Lord as they can and the “bringing back” of these – this is part of God’s plan.

“It’s like putting back what is lost. It is part of what has to be. While things are going crazy, you have dark and you have light too. Now at the same time God is restoring. He is restoring Israel. He is restoring aspects of the church and he is restoring his Word…It is part of the restoration. That [This] is part of it too.” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Pastor Robert Morris holding Tree of Life Version (TLV) Bible

Pastor Robert Morris, Gateway Church

In addition to offering a special TLV Bible package, Daniah, Rabbi Jonathan, and Pastor Robert Morris discussed many other facets to learning the Bible from a Jewish perspective. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it live, you can find it online at:!

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