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Showing and Telling

Behold you God! Then, open your mouth and declare His Glory! God’s promise to the couple in the garden has, is and will come to pass through the power of the resurrection. Every generation has the opportunity – the chance – to believe God will and wants to save them. No matter what the current reality looks like to you, make no mistake, the God of Israel is watching. The Father of Eternity waiting for His Children to cry out for mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgement. Fearing evil is useless and distracting. Light overcomes the darkness and the darkness cannot overpower it.

I am going on TBN this week to ‘Show and tell’ the miracle in motion of creating the TLV. The TLV was created in this generation to bring a new message of hope – quite literally “Good News from Jews.” Walking together in one ‘accord’ the tiny community of Jewish followers of Messiah came together to restore the meta-narrative of the Holy Scriptures. Why?

Did you know that the message of salvation is 3500 years old? The coming of Yeshua – Jesus- into the world was a SURPRISE! Yes, He arrived!

No, they did not recognize Him at the time. With them, they saw. Apart from Him, they were blind.

Yes, they had glimpses of WHO He really was, but like the fullness of the circumference of the moon appears only once every 28 days, the accounts in the New Testament were written AFTER he resurrected – after He appeared resurrected to over 500 people!

Did you know that one of the accounts of the Gospel was written after the Book of Revelation? What you know matters. And when you found out the truth also guides what you believe. This is what I found out that strengthened my faith in Yeshua!

The Gospel of John was written near the end of his life. The disciple John was the ‘last man standing’ whose personal testimony is the second witness to the Gospel of Luke. The Gospel of Mark, Peter’s scribe, was written first. Then, the Gospel of Mathew, confirmed Mark’s account of Peter’s eyewitness testimony. Decades later, the Gospel of Luke and Acts were compiled to tell the whole historical account and then John wrote his memoirs of his own eyewitness testimony to confirm Luke. Two witnesses testify at the beginning and two accounts – affidavits if you will – are evidence of the events to seal the Word of God for eternity. That is due process.

The process of declaring a message worth hearing is found INSIDE the Bible. Follow the process of sanctification to tell YOUR message of salvation to the world: conception, development, production, marketing, publicity. God’s promise to save the world was conceived in a couple, developed in a family, told by God from one generation to the next, given as law and order in writing to create a holy nation, and is continually proclaimed throughout the world through the resurrection of Yeshua!

Find out where you are in the BIBLICAL process of becoming His message of salvation. Why? Because you were created for a purpose – to declare the works of GOD – your testimony of His Creation. As I step out in faith to declare the miracle of God renewing His message of salvation by creating the TLV, I am stepping into my calling as a voice for mothers everywhere who want to save this generation for the sake of future generations.

Show and tell is the process of going from producing the message of salvation in your life to showing and telling the world about His banner of love over you. Please pray for the taping to go well at TBN this week. Remember Paul’s Words: (Put them in here “heart’s desire).

Once you ‘BEHOLD’ Him, you must ‘DECLARE’ Him. In order for God to be glorified through the Tree of Life Version in my generation, I must be willing to share the divine intersection of our purpose with His Presence among our people, Israel, among the Nations. God supernaturally helped us fulfill OUR part of Zephaniah’s prophecy in Chapter 4: PURE SPEECH. The vocabulary used in the TLV resurrects the power of revelation by hiding His divine nature and restoring His divine timing to the core of our the Gospel message.

As for me and my house, we will serve the ADONAI! The TLV does not reveal WHO Yeshua really is before the reader begins to see the signs and wonders of HOW He can change your life – in an instant. The TLV is a ‘show and tell’ Bible we created together so that with One Father, we can magnify His VOICE by loving one another instead of destroying each other.

Come save the world with me – winning one soul at a time – with the power of His love.

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