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Miracles Blossom Like Almond Trees

I remember vividly walking into a Judaica shop for the first time as a new mom and buying a brass menorah, a lampstand. I had never celebrated the Festival of Lights, and my new Jewish husband was a true fascination for me.  We began our marriage by joining a synagogue for Jewish intermarried couples, and within a year, I was reading my Bible about three hours per day.  Why the big change?  Because meeting my Savior, Yeshua the Messiah – also known as Jesus Christ – was the beginning of a brand new world after almost ruining my life with drug addiction, falling victim to sex trafficking, and ending up in a holding cell for shop lifting. 

Simply put, I believe God rescued me Himself personally. I believe Yeshua’s arrival in a person’s life is the surprise plot twist that revolutionizes your past by turning Darwin’s Theory of Evolution into an actual real life REVELATION of who God created you to become! I am His girl, His princess, His daughter. Yeshua is the lampstand, the menorah, the Light of the World that overcomes the darkness and shows you the path to your destiny. I am so profoundly grateful He loved me then and He loves me now, and I can reach out and touch His heart with my words in prayer.

PLEASE PRAY for me and my family!

The TBN interview with Pastor Robert Morris and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn that featured a stellar endorsement of the Messianic Jewish Family Bible Edition of the Tree of Life Bible is airing on March 7th on their TBN Praise Program! I was so thrilled and honored to join them to proclaim the Good News of Messiah Yeshua!

I am on my way to a Promise Keepers ‘Road to Jerusalem’ Conference with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn tomorrow in Newport News, Virginia, at Congregation Zion’s Sake.

TODAY – I am reminded of that miracle because God had Moses write down the description of that solid gold lampstand with almond blossom shaped cups to shine forth His Light in the Tabernacle. That is in this week’s Jewish Bible reading that you can find soon on our TLV Journey Bible App! Thank God the app is almost out of Beta testing and might even be available by the TBN airing worldwide! I can’t wait for you to hear my husband speak the weekly reading to you on your phone! Halleluyah! What a miracle! But wait, there is so much more joy coming soon!

God wants to fill your whole world with His Light and His Presence alive among us! Almond blossoms are a sign of LIFE springing up from trees that look asleep, or maybe even dead. Only God can creates life.

I came to know His Light because I tried to draw that Tabernacle lampstand 20 years ago and was amazed to find out that almond blossoms PRECEED almond leaves. I am so tickled at the thought of how God performed that exact miracle to confirm His calling as their leader when Moses was challenged by those God called him to serve – and lead. Imagine, the God of the Universe showed Moses the vision of the menorah before anyone could see it naturally. Then He filled the craftsmen with His Spirit to inspire them to make it! Months later, God made Aaron’s staff blossom with almond blossoms! The same God that showed everyone else His power and His plan through a simple wooden staff had Moses pen the Torah for the rest of us to read – and believe what was written 3500 years ago. What would you do if your pen began sprouting almond blossoms?

The day I prayed the sinner’s prayer was a single step in a long trial of trying to find myself in the midst of confusing messages about free love and casual sex. Surprisingly, I feel safe reassuring you that the messaging today about promoting sexual androgyny and attacking Biblical family values was trending long before this generation. Don’t be alarmed by what you see around you – just be prepared to proclaim that the Light of God OUTSHINES the darkness in this world.

A Time to Rejoice!

Please take a moment to rejoice with me! I just sent my manuscript for “Kiss the Son” out today! Remember… bad news travels fast, like lightning… but those with Good News have to fight their way out!

When searching for the ‘land of milk and honey,’ don’t forget that almonds make milk. While some almonds can be eaten right off the tree, others have to be processed to keep from injuring you! I needed God to unclog my thinking and give me a husband who needed a ‘honeybee’ to love. Becoming a mother made me see my value as a daughter. Oh! How God taught me to be brave. Don’t ever give up on becoming who you were created to be – just like your Father in Heaven – His jewel and His prize.

I grew up reading “Are You There, God? It’s me, Margaret.” by Judy Blume. I almost feel like my testimony book is my grown up version of the same story… “God, what were you thinking making me a girl?” But I don’t feel that way anymore. I haven’t since learning who I was created to be. I LOVE BEING A GIRL! God resurrected my life just like He made Aaron’s staff blossom, and I am a living eyewitness to His amazing grace having saved my life and renewed my mind and given this orphaned child a family of her very own to love.

My family tree – and my husband’s too – were mangled and chopped off at the root. The Tree of Life Bible was birthed in this season to RESTORE God’s Family Tree and provide you with the miraculous Hebrew ROUTE to safe passage for your family to find peace and love and joy and laughter again. If God could save one little princess through adopting her as His very own, just think what more could He do! Did you know that He saved His only Son’s earthly brothers, too? Is there really more to the Bible we need to know than that?

If you could collect your whole natural family in one room and had five minutes to tell them the truth about who YOU really are, would they believe God is IN YOU?! Because if you think about what the Bible actually says about the coming Messiah, you will realize that is exactly what happened – and that’s why the Bible is actually true! Moses’ brother went from the worst failure in making the Golden calf, to being chosen along with his sons as priests when God created almonds from his staff! Check out Numbers chapter 17:16-26! Resurrection life is found in the Torah! You were created to bear fruit that would glorify God. With every almond blossom, His fruit will follow! Be ready to proclaim the miracles of God!

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