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Meuchad 2018: A Worshipful Report

Marc Vidito at Meuchad 2018

I had the opportunity to participate in the yearly Meuchad (Meh-oo-CH-AH-D) Worship Conference in Roswell, GA. It was my first time ever attending in the three years the event has been held, and I wasn’t disappointed!

This conference would have been amazing enough if they had stopped at just involving beloved pioneers like Paul Wilbur and HaShir within the Messianic movement. Dayenu! The track leaders, musical guests like Joshua Aaron, Aaron Shust and Misha Goetz and the Meuchad worship team were insightful, passionate, and tremendously anointed. But the Meuchad leadership team went above and beyond by bringing in some serious talent from across the country to share their knowledge, talent and years of experience to those willing to learn.

It was overwhelming and encouraging all at the same time. The names associated with this conference were tremendous.

The “Tracks” consisted of:

-A Vocal Track: taught by Paul Wilbur -A Guitar Track: taught by Ted Pearce -A Drum Track: taught by Dan Needham -A Bass Track: taught by Gary Lunn -A Keyboard Track: taught by Greg Shumake -A Davidic Worship Dance Track: taught by Arlene Viehweger. -A Sound and Media Track: taught by Andy Bussey

I was blessed to participate in the vocal track lead by Paul Wilbur. Paul taught his track in a very practical and candid way. He shared stories about his real-life experiences sprinkling the sessions with his signature humor, and passion.

It was so refreshing, and I found myself feeling equal parts, convicted, encouraged, and inspired in my current position in community as a Worship Leader. His deep insights into the heart and the “why” of worship, were so tender, and direct. I walked away from many of the sessions misty eyed, and in deep reflection. I ended the conference with 13 pages of quotes, scripture references, book titles, and important pointers that I will digest for the next several months, or rather, probably the rest of my life.

What an amazingly helpful event for the creatives and worshipers! I’ll definitely be there next year, and so should you.

Here are some words for thought from Psalmist Paul Wilbur:

“Readers are Leaders.” [Speaking about reading the Bible]

“What we model is what people will do, and we are modeling how a priest approaches the throne.”

“You are not building a worship team if you aren’t building relationship, the Kingdom is built on relationship.”

“Spend as much time praying together as you do in practice.”

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