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Many Miracles are Happening Here!

Happy Hanukkah! Many miracles are happening here!

The TLV Journey app beta test is functioning on both iphones and androids now!  Go to to join for free to help us test it.  Please forgive us, but beta testing is only available in the US – so pray for our international friends to be reached soon!

This is also my first holiday season with my new grandbaby, and seriously, I am going to plotz!  (That means ‘fall-out’ like a pancake on the floor)  I am so very, very grateful to God for new life sprouting up all around us.  Our message is always multiplying: Follow God, Love one another and Live the Bible.

A Matching Gift

And, surprise, surprise, surprise…  God sent one of His daughters – a Jewish follower of Messiah – to give us a $10,000 matching gift to help raise the funds needed to put the TLV Journey app into the Apple store by January 31st!  Isn’t God amazingly faithful?  She hadn’t even seen the app yet!  This precious lady is the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor, and a ‘Mothers of Israel’ Bible lover, just like me.  She rejoices to support our calling to share the message of salvation through Messiah Yeshua worldwide and she shares our vision to regather families around the Tree of Life Bible. With God’s help we are almost HALFWAY to raising the full $31,500 needed this year.  Please prayerfully consider helping us. Remember, the TLV Journey app is a megaphone for saving a new generation all around the globe!

I am so excited about reaching YOUTH with the truth of God’s Promises to ALL Israel’s Children.

Manna for Today

In fact, a tender-hearted man (who woke to a home without heat from his broken furnace last week) just walked into my office and gave us a secret donation to make 950 MORE TLV Coloring Bible covers for FREE DISTRIBUTION to children in synagogues and at college campuses. Honestly, that’s what I call ‘manna for today.’

And, like streams in the desert, the Simply Sacred Radio show is beginning to make an impact, too.  A former Sunday School Teacher just texted me and offered to pay for editing our show every month for a full year and encouraged me to keep promoting our TLV Treasures Bible lessons on the app!  Meanwhile, a sweet young couple just made a sacrificial gift of $500 to help us create the first new art pieces needed to jump start our TLV Children’s Bible Initiative (hopefully before their own little one can read – if we hurry 😊).

I am so thrilled to see that our labor of love to create the TLV text DID NOT destroy our community’s passion to reach our own children after all.  After a decade, the Messianic Jewish children that used our Golden Apple’s children’s curriculum are looking for resources for their own children.  So, let me leave you with this one simple truth about ‘transitional times’ in the true light of this blessed season of giving – even in the shadow of our own Nation’s mourning the loss of President George HW. Bush.

Counting your Candles & Blessings

As you light your Hannukah Menorah tonight – or even if you send a picture of one to a friend over your cell phone – remember that the window of TIME between the miracle of the oil lasting supernaturally for eight days in the Temple at Hannukah and the miracle of Messiah’s birth were less than 167 years apart!  Out of a 3500 year history those were 4% apart – less than three generations.  We have to teach our own children, always, through our own witness.  That was the eye of the needle that Yeshua spoke about to Nicodemus.  If you are looking for a sign of God working on the earth – the Tree of Life is still the womb of Creation alive in Messiah even today.

These two religious holidays are bookends – TOGETHER they create a truly a divine intersection – the connection between the Torah and the New Covenant.  And, thanks to everyday folk like you and me – staying faithful to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – generation after generation – we are  multiplying and blessing His Great Name over all the earth.

God gave His best love gift to the world – and all He asks is for us to GIVE Back our love to Him, too.  What a wonderful life! Just imagine how many times God is about to multiply your love gift, too.

I am so honored, and grateful, that God uses humanity to making His Great Name known!

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