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Introducing the First TLV Children’s Book: The Lil’ Good Book

Children’s Books do more than just capture your little one’s attention, they write a narrative and build your child’s worldview over time.

Blended with a rich combination of both pictures and words, books help children engage with the world around them even before having the ability to comprehend it.

That’s why we created The Good Book for children.

The Good Book set is a new TLV family resource designed to help create a sacred space between parent and child. Together, families can experience the presence of God with one another through unique artwork and storytelling in these ten easy-to-understand pages. This interaction not only builds reading comprehension, vocabulary, and stimulates imagination, it also builds trust and relationship while introducing a simple Biblical concept creating a healthy worldview of God’s everlasting love toward humanity. The Good Book helps nurture a loving bond between parent and child and also between the child and God. (Reading with your babies also promotes closeness and warm cuddles and that’s really the best part, to be honest.)

“The Bible is a book that takes a lifetime to learn, but the concept of God’s love for us and for our families are concepts that we can teach children in the holy moments of early childhood.” Daniah Greenberg

How to Read the Good Book Together

This TLV Family Resource comes with two board books: The Good Book and the Lil’ Good Book.

Primarily for the parents, The Good Book is a 5×5 board book that includes 10 pages of unique artwork drawn by Daniah Greenberg with a short description introducing God’s covenant promises. Read the sentence and then help your child interact with the story by drawing their attention to something in each image, “This is a Torah, do you see the red heart around it? That is because we have a love for God’s Word” or “Look at Yeshua’s feet! He was born with tiny cute baby toes just like yours” and “Here’s what a rainbow looks like. It’s full of beautiful colors! It’s a sign of God’s promise and His covenant with us. Next time, we’ll go outside after it rains and we’ll look for one together”.

The Lil’ Good Book is a 3×3 board book created for babies and young toddlers.

Sometimes, young children have an easier time focusing if they have something to fiddle with in their hands. While Mom or Dad is reading The Good Book, the young child can follow along in their tiny book. You can also turn it into a game to play, “Can you find the image that matches Mommy’s? Can you find the tree?” or they can simply entertain themselves by clapping the book together and making noise because what baby doesn’t like to do that!

Another way to use The Lil Good Book is for newborns. Filled with black and white images only, this lil’ book can be set up on the floor during tummy time to stimulate their brains with something fun to look at!

Writing the Right Story for your Child’s Future

What Biblical narrative do you want your child to believe? The one that teaches them that the second-coming apocalypse is behind every corner and crisis so that your children grow up in fear, or the narrative that focuses on God’s love, hope and peace and on His everlasting faithfulness and plan of redemption for the whole world?

God intentionally chose you to be the parent of your child. You’ve been anointed to teach your children that God has a plan and a purpose for their life and it is for their good, not for evil. Do you believe that? This Good News came in the form of a man – God’s one and only Son – Who came to earth and died for our sins so that WE could have everlasting life with the Father – together – as a family.

Sing with us:

♫ He’s got the whole world.. in His hands He’s got the whole wide world… in His hands He’s got the itty bitty baby… in His hands He’s got the whole world in His hands ♫

Learn more about The Good Book from Daniah Greenberg

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