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How to Affix a Mezuzah

Mezuzah is a small parchment scroll upon which the Hebrew words of the Sh’ma and the V’ahavtah are handwritten by a Scribe. Mezuzah scrolls are carefully rolled up, put inside decorative cases and affixed on the doorposts of Jewish homes, according to Deuteronomy 6:5-9, “These words, which I am commanding you today, are to be on your heart…. and write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”

Typically found in Jewish culture for generations, celebrating the Word of God in your home is for every follower of God to take part in. 

The TLV Bible Society took a different approach to the Mezuzah. Instead of putting the scroll into a decorative case and never having the chance to be seen, we decorated the scroll itself as an art scroll and placed it inside a clear Mezuzah case instead. This way, every time you walk into the room and notice your Mezuzah first – you see GOD’S WORD being celebrated – not the case. Praise Yeshua! Click here to get a TLV Art Scroll Mezuzah. 

On every Mezuzah, you will see a symbol that looks like a “W.” But, that is actually the Hebrew letter “Shin” or, “Sh” and it stands for the Hebrew word, “Shaddai,” which means “Almighty.” Isn’t that Who you want guarding the doorways of your home? The Almighty One! Amen! 

“Before understanding what it really meant to be Jewish, I often looked at the Mezuzah my Mother hung on our front door. When we moved years later, she gave me that Mezuzah. It is so precious to me! My Mezuzah has traveled with me everywhere I moved, including a college door room!”– Brittni Greenberg

Here are the steps to affixing a Mezuzah and dedicating your home to God! 

1. Count how many door frames you want to hang a Mezuzah on. Typically, you should hang a Mezuzah on just about every doorway that belongs to you. Exceptions are doors leading to bathrooms and small closets.

2. Buy Mezuzot. (Plural for Mezuzah.)

4.. Hang one Mezuzah on the right side of the door, on the top third of the doorway (a little above shoulder height.) The right side is determined from the point of view of entry into the room.

5. Position the Mezuzah right-side up, and slanted so that the top of the Mezuzah faces inward towards the room. If the doorpost is too narrow to position at an angle, it is okay to position it upright.

6. Hang Mezuzah! You can hang it with 2 nails and a hammer, or you can use a command strip if you live in an apartment. After the Mezuzah has been hung, you and your family can celebrate the dedication of your home to God together! 

7. Send the TLV staff a photo and let us rejoice with you! •

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