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From Noah’s Family to Abraham’s Seed: Believing God for your Future

God began His relationship with mankind with Adam and then multiplied it by creating Eve. Uniquely each one soul, they also each completed one another and were at peace with their Creator. The space between them was created sacred. In the Bible, with one sentence after another, time is indistinguishable sometimes. The fall that separated mankind from God seems so very short, just a few more sentences and simple punctuation. But I beg to differ.

I think of that time, that sacred time before the next sentence, as the place where we CAN dwell in unity with our spouse. And I also imagine that the initial intent of God to multiply mankind to produce FAMILY is no less sacred.

Consider Noah’s family, what they survived and the difficulty of living a righteous life while seemingly surrounded by darkness. Darkness itself is not the the only problem, it is knowing how to rest in the silence when others around you threaten the stability of your future.

Today, more than ever, the FAMILY of God needs strong Bible believing families to light the path for those lost along the way. I don’t know any family that has a perfect life without suffering. Illness, deceit, wickedness and grieving are part of living. But, knowing you are deeply LOVED by your Creator and that your life can begin anew – even today – is paramount to rebuilding love in the world.

I thank God today for helping me have the family I dreamed of, not perfect, just willing to follow God and build the ark to safety. God wants to scoop your family up and take them to a new place, and your offspring can grab ahold of the promise of God to Abraham – that your seed may BE a blessing!

God restored His eternal relationship with Adam and Eve through their children’s children and the plan of salvation grew. Open your eyes and SEE! From Noah’s family, to Abraham’s seed, to Moses’ hand, to Yeshua’s sacrifice is the restoration for every soul who chooses to believe. Everyone needs forgiveness, and righteousness is only as good as YOUR last right decision to follow God.

The big secret is that each generation has to choose to keep building the ark amidst the scoffers.

As for me and my house, we will serve the God of Israel. As for my soul, it belongs to my Savior, Yeshua. When you know Him, you know His Father is your Father, too. •

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