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Daniah Tapes @ TBN!

What a blessing!

This week we had the opportunity to fly out to TBN’s studio in Tustin, CA to tape an episode of their show “Praise” in front of a live audience with Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a New York Times bestselling author.

Daniah had a wonderful time backstage with the TBN Staff and with the other special guests. We are in a fascinating time in History, and felt the weight of the importance of this appointment. You won’t want to miss the episode when it airs in March. Daniah’s time on camera with Cahn and Morris was full to overflowing with excitement over the significance of the TLV for this time in history. Jonathan Cahn shared highlights from his new book which beautifully set some things in perspective for this prophetic season.

Pastor Morris shared the story of the completion of the TLV from his perspective. It was a treat to see Daniah sitting across from the leader of the community whose open heart toward the Jewish people caused them to give towards the completion of this “miracle in motion”!

For Daniah, it was a blessing in particular to be given the opportunity to share about her heart for her own children with a new audience. Her passion for reaching our kids with the love of our Messiah is infectious, and inspiring!

Pastor Morris and Jonathan Cahn spoke glowingly about the TLV throughout, and we are so honored to be able to give God all the glory! One can only wonder where our Heavenly Father will take us next on this journey.

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