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A Direct Download

One Bible Lover’s Dream

I have never been silent about how much I love God – because the Bible saved my life.  It’s a long story, one I look forward to telling again and again along my journey, but that really pales in comparison to the amazing dream-come-true of the TLV Journey App!   When I traveled from one little synagogue to another, from one small conference to another, with my home-made children’s teaching bulletins  called “Golden Apples”- I kept using my iPhone to demonstrate the increasing role technology was taking in our children’s lives.

I told them that the internet was turning our phones into a USB port into the brains of our children. It was becoming their window through which they saw the world. It was becoming the way they interacted with each other and it slowly became their whole world. And we had to work together to DO SOMETHING!

Sometimes, I am just plain creeped out that technology has become so invasive.  Can the people we see on our devices, see us back?  Can our devices see us themselves?  Of course not, but if your car can drive you home hands-free from across town, and your fridge can remind you to buy more eggs, how much technology is it going to take before we wonder who is really in charge around here?  According to my Bible, the Lord, He is God!

I don’t know how I could see it so clearly over a decade ago, but I knew this day would come, an opportunity to save my children’s children from becoming another upside-down generation. So, even before the whole TLV Bible was done, our not-for profit began making the TLV available on mobile devices.  We wanted to get the TLV into the hearts and minds of people online looking for answers about God as soon as possible.

Checking the Numbers

Did you know that today, in America, 10% of Jewish people believe that Yeshua, Jesus, is the Son of God?  Wow!  But, oddly, that number does not include the 70 years of Jewish people, young and old, from all over the globe who moved personally to Israel with dreams of living in their homeland and following Messiah as part of the righteous ‘promised remnant.’  Imagine that!

They are part of the living fabric of a tiny nation – strong and compassionate – and free to practice their faith.  Those are the actual seed of Israel’s children INSIDE the land of Israel right now!  They are right there now – living lives full of grace and mercy and truth, fulfilling the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures written 3400 years ago by proclaiming that The God of Israel is truly the One God and there is no other to compare to Him.

Great News!

For the first time in decades, the Hebrew routes, the Jewish pathways of the Tree of Life Holy Scriptures, are revealing the authentic unveiling of Messiah’s deity DIRECTIONALLY.  What do I mean?  The Tree of Life text, written by Jewish followers of Messiah, Yeshua, actually shows the genuine surprise and delight of Messiah’s followers in real time by restoring the book order, the family relationships over generations, and using the historic present tense to awaken the heart of God’s people to their see their awaited Messiah – Ben Elohim, the Son of God – as Yeshua!

In fact, the Jewish followers of Yeshua in Israel and America are growing more numerous by the day, with millions of Christians longing to be grafted into the Hebrew routes of Messiah growing exponentially all over the world.  People are hungry for spiritual food – the Bible – focused on authenticity and family restoration.  Israeli followers of Messiah Yeshua are serving in the IDF, are raising families, are contributing to technological breakthroughs, expanding tourism and yes!  They are spreading the Good News about the Tree of Life Version!

This is Good News from Jews – that the Messiah promised by Moses has indeed come and will come again, to welcome us all home. And, they are loving their Arab brothers and showing global Christian leaders who visit Jerusalem – that true peace can only begin by loving God and loving one another.  I have a dream of seeing this TLV Journey App creating pathways of peace between America and Israel.

Please download the beta test of the TLV Journey App at Here to be part of the good news of salvation for all mankind.

Filling Their Heads with ADONAI

Join us as we sing the Hebrew blessings and rest on Shabbat.  Join us as we read the Torah of Moses and the Gospels of Yeshua TOGETHER on TLV Treasures Bible Lessons.  Listen to the audio files of the weekly Bible readings by my husband and make your own testimony video!  Just take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the journey of the Children of Israel WITH the remnant saved by grace during YOUR lifetime and in your days!  As you begin to enjoy the antics of our community, both the joys and the challenges, God can knit our hearts together with shared experiences and revelations of the Holy Scripture maybe never before possible WITHOUT this kind of connectivity and social interaction.

Please consider helping us reach our goal of raising the last $31,500 needed to finish the updates to move the app out of beta testing and onto the app store in time for the new year.  Let’s help revive Israel together, by making this TLV Bible available all around the world to reunite God’s children as soon as we can.  And we will be careful, oh so careful, to give God the Glory.  Help us declare blessing and glory and honor and power to our God and King!

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