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7 Practical Steps to Saving Time and Finding Peace

Bible lovers know the world is carving up time into micro-seconds, as human attention spans continue to dwindle and virtual reality threatens real virtues. I thank God for flowers that bloom and pollen that causes us to itch and noses to run. Why? Because God picked this time of year to REFRESH our lives and get our attention on life growing and multiplying all around us. Beauty soothes the human soul and sunny skies and warmer weather get us out from behind the screens of our constantly updating mobile devices and endless video entertainment options.  Spring is short for ‘SEEDTIME’ which is the way God describes this Passover to Pentacost season.  Seedtime morphed into the term Springtime when the Babylonian Exile terminology was adopted from ‘aviv’ which means spring.  Funny how a language develops with practice, then behaviors become labels – sound familiar?  To clarify, the Bible uses solar days and lunar months, so Bible months start with the first new moon – not full moon – and are counted for 28 days only.  Then, the twelvth month doubles every few years, like it did this Spring already.  Like a bumper crop at harvest, God doubles His blessings to remind us He is the one in control around here, not us.  That is part of what makes Him unsearchable and us dependent on Him to hold the Universe He created according to His will intact and altogether glorious.

Seedtime, with birds and bees, and flowers and trees, and young love awakens the senses and makes us feel alive. We feel alive around growing things. Growing is a function of time. Seedtime is the perfect time to sow ideas and plans and vision into the empty spaces left behind by dreary corners of past disappoints. Remember, the Bible says that the end of a matter is better than the beginning of a matter, so let PAST TIMES fertilize the soil for a new planner for this fresh new season!

Why a planner, now? Isn’t school ending? Of course, now! We created a TLV Seedtime Planner to help you return to LIVING THE BIBLE instead of just studying the Bible to feel approved. God wants to lead your time management so you can harvest a bumper crop when harvest time comes. If I could show you how to reverse engineer your favorite Bible – whatever translation you like – to save time, enjoy your life more and stop feeling overwhelmed, could you let go of your agenda to find God’s divine intersections on your journey? Just look…

  1. Ask God to help you see time the way that He designed time. Time only goes forward.

  2. Don’t stop trusting. God knows what you need and how to get your attention at just the right time and in just the right way. Memories can greatly enrich your soil, but melancholy can also make you rootbound, or worse yet stunt healthy growth. God wants you happy and healthy, so He is more than happy to prune what He chooses when He chooses.

  3. Seeds pack the power of potential, so know which get propagated by movement – like through the digestive tract of a bird on a wire at harvest and which seeds your healthy body needs to be nourished by, and which seeds need to have a destination through YOUR faithful service to God.

  4. Knowing how to grow the right things in your life through learning never replaces time or space needed to experience God’s love to shine through you. God has created ‘time, times and half a times’ and He has given us a Bible to encourage us to ‘number our days.’ So, a female knows her time, her times, and her half a times. Women know the time, the times and the half a time. She knows the time she is able to conceive, monthly. She will know the times she tried to conceive, days. And, she will know the ‘half a times’ that she needed the half-seed of a husband and the ONLY WITH GOD could she bring forth a child.

  5. Work six days in a row all day if you’d like – but PLEASE take one day in seven to rest. Trust Him to show you ‘how.’ Life has a melody that includes a time signature. Like a music staff, you need notes on the lines and between the lines. Like a Torah scroll, you need to see the black letters on the white parchment to read. Like a season with a beginning and an end, you need to open your Bible and hear His voice as you live out His instruction to recognize His tone, His sweetness. Time is the journey, your life is the place YOU are happening every day – make that space sacred by inviting God to enjoy WHO you are becoming.

  6. Wouldn’t just taking a personal day every new moon give you a chance to breathe? Lunar months are a HIDDEN GIFT, like the sacred space inside a woman’s body for creating fruit that TAKES TIME! The new moon is hidden, so start planning a sacred month long SOMETHING with God. Do you need a month-long project – like a new wardrobe or a new bedroom decorating make-over or do you just need to start acknowledging that man-made calendaring is more work than its worth? Maybe you could just start to start looking ahead with hope again! Hope cycles monthly! When I am weak, He is both strong and loving.

  7. Please watch and share our last Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) Celebration video that four of us got together and shared on Facebook.  We have a big surprise guest for this coming New Moon Meeting – June 3rd at 8pm EST!

Kerah, my darling and now graduated intern, came to me one day and said: “You have to do this, Daniah. How did you figure this out? This is gold!” I think the team here out-did themselves. We got a focus group of TLV Bible lovers together and created a complete time management companion package: The TLV Bible App (free) and the TLV SeedTime & Harvest Planners WITH a Biblical 12 month Jewish Calendar, to go with the Mother’s of Israel Bible which has a journal inside!

With my whole heart, I believe God CAN plan my life better than I can. I have been designing self-made planners and scrapbooking in my journals and writing in the margins of my Bibles for over two decades now. I usually get giggles from millennials and regularly stalked by baby boomers because I live in the river of life, enjoying of daily revelation, weekly peace and monthly cycles of hope in GOD. I embraced my Savior at the Cross, but my journey is to my Father’s House and HE has enough room for all of us there. Live the Bible, just live the Bible and dream again. You were born to bear fruit – this world is ripe with creative opportunities. Have the courage to live a life worth the cost of your forgiveness and blaze a path to the Father who loves you! I have so much fun coloring inside God’s voice to me.

Please start a new chapter with God and learn to find the secret things that only He can show you in His wonderous times and seasons!!

Much love, Daniah

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